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New year, new you! So your resolution this year is to be healthier, sleep better, exercise more, eat cleaner, meditate, and probably tone up and lose a few pounds. Each year you make the same resolution and come mid-year you haven’t taken any steps to achieve what you set out for. Instead of making your already stressful, busy lifestyle even worse, how about using a different approach to becoming a healthier you. It’s as simple as adding a cup of fresh juice to your diet.

Juicing has become a hot trend that has taken the health industry by storm. It involves using a machine or an equipment that extract juice from raw fruits and vegetables. It is a great way to add variety to your diet while absorbing all the necessary nutrients from vegetables and fruits. It also helps boast your immune system by supercharging it with concentrated phytonutrients and can fight/protect you from the cold and flu season. The juicing process breaks down the cell walls of the plant meaning that the nutrients are directly absorbed in our system. I’ve noticed that whenever I consume a cup of fresh juice each day I feel more energetic and it’s a great way to consume my daily intake of vegetables.

One of my favorite juice combos includes a mix of kale, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, lemon, ginger, and apple. It’s refreshing and leaves me feeling revitalized.




**An advice to keep in mind when making or ordering a juice is to stick to organic green juice, instead of fruit juice. This is because fruits tend to have higher sugar content and calories.

Below is a list of some great juice bars in the Bay Area that you should definitely check out:

2050 Addison St, Berkeley Ca 94704
Between Shattuck & Milvia
One Block North of Downtown Berkeley Bart


3906 Judah St. (@44th Ave.)
San Francisco, CA 94122


Juice on The Square
1305 Cleveland Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


The Phoenix
650 Castro St. Ste 130
Mountain View, CA 94041


Super Juiced
540 9th Street
Oakland, CA 94607


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