Let the #DrewBangaTakeover continue with the remaining pictures from Drew Banga's shoot with Imani Sayyed, styled by Nakia Pleasant.


“I’ve made music for people before but I didn’t really see people [singing along to my stuff] until Kamayiah’s Im On.
That was the song that put my name out there. I be walking down the street and hear people playing the song and I’m like wow,
I made that. That’s clean”


“In middle school, I was in this Beats and Flows program, and that’s where
I learned how to produce music. I used to just remake all the hyphen beats
I used to hear.
And then in high school,
that’s when I really wrapped my mind around music as a whole”

photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant

photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant

“The Bay Area’s originality and our attitude [makes us stand apart] we don’t take no shit. We’re the originators. We’re all about the music feeling good.”


*All photos by @byisayyed | styled by @nakiapleasant

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