Although it may be difficult, it is important to support businesses that help cultivate the communities that you are a part of. Here are a few ways that you can be mindful with your money.

In the beginning of the New Year, I made a promise to myself that I would be more mindful with my money. By being mindful, I mean spending my hard earned money at businesses where I have a genuine connection with the owner and what their business stands for. A business that helps cultivate the communities that I am a part of. So lately, I’ve trying my best to eat out at Mom & Pop restaurants, buying my incense from the super cool Black Woman at the farmers market, and shopping Black owned. Although I do all of these things which can be super inconvenient for my life sometimes, it feels really good to know that the money I am spending is helping boost my local economy, and supporting the dreams of men and woman in my community.

Shopping with a purpose is not easy, but it is possible. Here are a few ways to be mindful with your money:

Follow blogs that support small businesses
photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/imgloriaann/

Who you follow on Instagram has a pretty big influence on your thought process. As much as I hate to admit it, if I see a cute piece of clothing on the gram, I will probably go onto that website and purchase it. So, it might as well be ethically sourced or local! Here are some people thatI follow:

@nikishabrunson | @tresmercedes | @rehash_apparel | @conceptfortyseven

Buy ethical clothing

photo courtesy of: https://www.instagram.com/nikishabrunson/

Buying ethical clothing can be pricey, but helps reduce the use of child labor in clothing factories, poor and extremely dangerous sweatshops overseas, and the exploitation of poor women worldwide.

Ask questions!

photo courtesy of: instagram.com/superjuicedoakland

There is no shame in asking the owner of a clothing store or a restaurant where they get their products from. You have every right to know what you are consuming and chances are they will happy to tell you where they source from because it’s usually another small business!

Although it is unrealistic to be 100% mindful as a consumer, you should still make an effort to be a little bit more mindful when you can. Put your money where your mouth is. Good Luck.

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