We've given you all a look into the trio that is Thr3ee, but it's time you get to know each of the ladies on an individual level.
We’ve given you all a look into the trio that is Thr3ee, but it’s time you get to know each of the ladies on an individual level. So today, we’re introducing you all to Deborah, Brittani, and Tamika. The ladies that makeup the R&B sensation Thr3ee.


Deborah started singing and writing at a very young age. “We had a piano at the house [and] I uses to write songs on it all the time. Britt and I [used to also] make up songs and [would sing in] groups even at preschool age.” What some may not know is that writing music and singing aren’t her only creative outlets. She also dabbles in photography, creative direction, and has put out a book of original poems – titled ComexBexMyxMuse – that she has written over the years. “It’s a kind of ode to all of my inspirations , human and nonhuman.” To tap into her poetry, you can contact her on her Instagram.

 She found the confidence to pursue her dreams by reflecting on her life realizing how far she’s come, and how much she has accomplished. “[I learned to] love myself. Falling out of love with myself then falling back in love with myself. Realizing whAt life is and we have to do the best we can with it.” She describes confidence as being a light that no one can explain. An it factor, that glows around you. And to anyone who is trying to find their confidence, she wants you to rely on your truth. “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t be. Don’t be limited by other people’s lack of vision.”


Brittani has probably been singing ever since she was in the womb. “My mom sung in the choir while she was pregnant with me so my music connection began there. Music has been apart of me forever. I grew up with music” Once she started to sing herself, and participated in a few talent shows at a young age, she also developed her writing skills. Doing hair and fashion is another way that she expresses herself creatively. “Creating clothes – sketching and hand-stitching – buying clothes, and eventually putting the pieces together.”

 She currently choses a girl group over a solo career because girl groups are rare. She loves being on a team of strong women who are sure of themselves and what they want out of life. Focusing on each of Thr3ee’s members as individuals, Brittani brings edge and a unique spirit.
To all the little girls out there, wanting to persue their dreams, she wants them to be fearless and live life with no limits. “Never allow what society has created as “normal” define who you are. Never allow someone else’s opinion of you and your life stop you from doing what you love or want to do.”


Tamika started singing at the young age of 7. She began in the church choir and soon evolved to performances in her school choir. “Singing and writing has always been my [creative] outlet. I also enjoyed playing the piano from time to time, while also tapping into to African, HipHop and Praise dance.” Although she had always been a solo artist, the idea of being a part of a group excited her but also made her nervous. “I was used to working and doing things on my own but I felt [like this] could potentially become something great. As long as this group was about equality I was all in.” She brings the soul to the group and has an amazing ear for harmonies. She also brings fearlessness and a desire to tap into new things that can help the group get to the next level.

Pursuing singing as her career was a no brainer. She always knew that this was the path she wanted to be on and relied on God, her family, and her past struggles to give her the confidence to follow her dreams. “At a very young age, a lot of people counted me out due to unfortunate circumstances [that were a result of] growing up in the system. God had a plan for me from day one, and all I had to do was listen and trust him, and it has kept me going.”

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