This month's Hometown Hero goes to The Kapor Center for Social Impact, an organization who aims to have the tech industry be a true representation of our diverse nation.

On Wednesday, April 19th, Odilcia and I attended the Red Bull Amaphiko Storyteller Workshop at The New Parkway in Oakland. It was an interactive workshop to help local social entrepreneurs, creatives, and grassroots innovators build their brand through the power of storytelling.

The guest speakers of the night were both from the Kapor Center. The Kapor Center for Social Impact aims to have the tech leaders of today be an accurate reflection of the diverse nation that we live in. Often times, if you look at the major tech companies, there is very little diversity and the Kapor Center is aiming to battle this. “We are particularly interested in positive social impacts for communities that have historically been on the periphery of access to opportunity, participation and influence in the United States. We believe that when the community of tech leaders reflects the diversity of the United States, tech will play an integral role in closing gaps and disparities that exist in this country.”

They do this by focusing on the following activities:


  • Increasing diverse tech entrepreneurship.
  • Increasing access to capital.
  • Increasing access to tech and STEM education.
  • Building strong community and community institutions to promote a more diverse tech ecosystem in the Bay Area, with a special focus on Oakland, our home.
  • Leveraging our Oakland HQ as a gathering place for learning and leadership opportunities that help build/expand the startup ecosystem of gap-closing companies, especially in Oakland.


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