When I find an artist whose steeze I fall in love with, I am way more likely to want to tap into their music. As the Thr3ee takeover continues, let's take a look at Tamika, Deborah, and Brittani's swag and their personal style influences.

For me, becoming a total fan girl for a musical artist has a lot to do with their personality and their style. I enjoy expressing myself through my clothes and my fashion, so when I find an artist whose steeze I fall in love with, I am way more likely to want to tap into their music. As the Thr3ee takeover continues, let’s take a look at Tamika, Deborah, and Brittani’s swag and their personal style influences.


When it comes to fashion, she doesn’t have one specific influence, she is more so influenced by the 90’s as a whole. “90s fashion was super dope and I try to incorporate as much of the 90s into my every day style from baggy pants and clothes, to bright colors high waisted pants and crop tops.” Her own personal style changes based on her mood. Sometimes she lives in workout clothes and being more laid back, then she flips it and gives you total Aaliyah “Are You That Somebody” tomboy vibes, and then she can also be sexy and seductive, it all depends. She is a big fan of thrifting and hitting up vintage stores to pick out pieces and putting them together in a unique and creative way. In her opinion, fashion plays a very important part in the music industry because it gives fans an idea of who each artist is. “Fashion gives artist elegance, confidence, and uniqueness. People tend to gravitate to you based off your swag or sense of style.”


When it comes to style, Deborah is more of a tomboy but can also get glammed up if she needs to. “I usually fall somewhere between those two sides depending [on] how I feel that day.” Lil Kim will probably forever be a huge fashion influencer for her but she is also currently into what Misa Hylton was doing in the 90’s, tapped into her grandma’s steeze, and of course the random fly ass women that she sees around the way. Sweatsuit or leggings and a tshirt, definitely her go to fit – which she probably bought online because she has a slight online shopping addiction.


Brittani describes her style as being influenced by her feels, the weather, and of course… her hair style. “Everything ties in together (chuckles) Some call me a hippie, flower child, [I just think that ] I dress with the flow” She is influenced by artists like Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Left Eye, Rihanna, and Karrueche to name a few. She is able to shop everywhere but definitely enjoys thrifting in the East Bay. “Wasteland on Haight St. is one of my go-to’s” Her style has always been out of the box and random but has definitely evolved over the last few years. “[I recently started] showing my legs more, wearing big shirts or sweaters, skirts and shorts. It makes me proud to say because i was insecure of my legs for a long time, with me being so tiny and all, but I overcame those thoughts and rose above [my insecurities.]” In this industry, she sees fashion as being important, but definitely not a shadow over your music. “I feel like fashion describes who you are in this industry but at the same time so does your music so you can pretty much wear anything as long it’s true to you.”

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