AVOCURL is a Bay Area based hair care line that is avocado infused. The products contain all natural ingredients and leave out harmful chemicals that can enter our body and our environment. We recently sat down with AVOCURL's founder and Cornell University alumni Jasmine and discussed her brand, being an entrepreneur, and finding confidence within yourself.
As I previously mentioned, AVOCURL is a Bay Area based hair care line that is avocado infused. The products contain all natural ingredients and leave out harmful chemicals that can enter our body and our environment. We recently sat down with AVOCURL’s founder and Cornell University alumni Jasmine and discussed her brand, being an entrepreneur, and finding confidence within yourself.
Created in her dorm room in 2013, AVOCURL was created out of her own needs for her hair. Having lived in Ithaca, NY while at Cornell, the climate was very dry and cold which quickly began to effect her hair. “My hair started breaking off so bad! It got to a point where I was like, alright, clearly what I’m doing right now isn’t working. So let me change it up and not only make my own products, but also learn better ways to take care of my hair.” This new hair care journey taught her how to not only take better care of her hair, but to also pay attention to her mind, body, and spirit. The journey allowed her to became hyper aware of brands that promote self-hate, and allowed her to become really conscious of the images and languages that she curates on AVOCURL’s platform. “I eliminated the harmful chemicals, stopped using heat and learned to love and embrace my curls. [Some brands use] anti-African rhetoric to appeal to Black women’s insecurities. You’ll still see brands say you can use their products to “tame” or “control” natural hair as if our natural state needs to be manipulated towards European standards of beauty.”
 What makes AVOCURL stand apart from other hair care lines is that it is the only avocado-infused natural hair product. It is a labor of love created right out of Jasmine’s kitchen. It started off as an edible deep conditioner that she made using ingredients that she found in her kitchen, like banana and avocado, and she intends on keeping it free of any harmful chemicals. “A lot of products that are out there contain harmful chemicals linked to serious diseases. Not only that, many of them don’t even work or are not meant to nourish natural hair.” 

She hosts workshops for people of all ages at private parties, community events, and in collaboration with different organizations. She loves being able to teach others how to make their own products using edible ingredients, and talks to attendees about starting a business and embrassing their curls. “Recently, I hosted a free workshop for students in collaboration with the Black Student Union at Cal State East Bay. That one was really cool because we got to have a discussion about hair, self love and creating affirmations that uplifted each other. During my workshops everyone gets to make their own products and take it home with them along with some AVOCURL samples!”

Her major 2017 goal was recently accomplished when she launched the AVOCURL website. The rest of 2017 is focussed on growing her customer base and launching new products. Right now, AVOCURL is sold online and at Mandela Foods Grocery – a worker-owned cooperative in West Oakland. In 5 years, she sees AVOCURL being in stores nation wide. She also hopes to open up her own manufacturing country. She will be at the Oakland Indie Awards on May 18th and back at First Friday in June. She has a calendar up on her website so that you can stay up to date!


    To any up and coming entrepreneurs, she urges you to follow your passion and to not be afraid of the unknown. She shared with us an inspiring moment from her senior year at Cornell:
“During the end of my senior year at Cornell, I was curious to learn everything I could about business and entrepreneurship. I signed up for a class called Entrepreneurial Finance and on the first day – I’m the only Black woman in the class – I went up to the professor to introduce myself and let her know that I was excited about the course. She gave me the nastiest look and said I would have such a difficult time in it and to let her know if I wanted to drop the course because other people were on the wait list. To add insult to injury, she told me she wouldn’t fail me if I stayed – as if she was doing me a favor – but said I wouldn’t get a better grade than a C. I was mad but also laughing to myself because she didn’t know she was about to see me everyday. I told her I wasn’t dropping the course and that she could count on me to be present the next class period. So everyday I sat in the front and asked a question, read all the course material and made sure I understood it. Ended up with a B+ and was helping out other students by the end of it. Not only that, had I dropped the course, I wouldn’t have found out about a weeklong all-expense paid entrepreneurship program that summer. She sent out a mass email to the class towards the end and it was open for anyone to apply to. Although I didn’t have any experience in business and wasn’t a business major I applied, got in, and won second place and a $3,000 prize during their pitch competition!”  
 Any last minute shout outs?
Support Mandela Foods in West Oakland (1430 7th ST.) and pick up AVOCURL there 7 days/week!!! 
And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. The AVOCURL x Nook and Kranny Giveaway. Enter for a chance to win AVOCURL Avocado Oil, AVOCURL Conditioning Butter, and AVOCURL Daily Moisture. The steps are easy, all you have to do is:
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  1. Excellent article! I was introduced to Jasmine & Avocurl in the Spring. The products are excellent; I live in Vallejo and travel to West Oakland to purchase her products!

    Congrats to Jasmine and keep true to yourself & your dreams!

    Jacqueline Boutte-Campbell


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