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One of my favorite creatives, Kayla de Guzman, who goes by Yooo Kayla on Instagram, is taking over the Nook and Kranny site for the month. All May long, we will be getting to know this San Francisco photographer, what makes her tick, and some of her inspirations. Let’s go behind the lens with Yooo Kayla.

24 year old Kayla de Guzman picked up her first camera 5 years ago and has been making magic ever since. She gets into her creative space by surrounding herself with like minded creatives and dream chasers, listening to some 90’s throwback, and letting her mind create. “[The] 90’s throwbacks really gets me thinking of vintage and throwback concepts.. Then sometimes when I start editing, I switch up to the music on my soundcloud, and it just gets me in my zone.”

Model: Zoe Green • Wardrobe Stylist: Pilar Tisker  • Photography/Concept by: Kayla de Guzman


The Bay Area has helped shape the person that she is today, and the photographer that she has become in many ways. The talent, style, and uniqueness of the Bay is a huge influence on the type of creative that she is, and she is super thankful for that. “There’s no competition in photography or in any art form. Everybody has their own style. There’s some people who compete, yes, but where [does that take you] You can’t get to where you want to be if you’re busy worrying about competition.” She also loves the support system that is very integral to a creatives sanity. We may all go through the temporary feeling of not being “good enough” but [once we break] out of that and focus on what we really love, [we can] come together as a community, and support each other.”

Model: Beejus • Wardrobe Stylist: Damaris Flores  • Photography/Concept by: Kayla de Guzman
This year, de Guzman plans on really taking her brand and her photography to the next level. She wants to see her craft on the cover of magazines, on billboards, on the news. Kayla wants to be able to pursue her passion full time, and be completely booked all year round. She wants to takeover! “I’m really hoping to be sponsored by either Adidas or a really really dope brand that sells really dope throwback clothing. I’m also hoping to inspire many more people! I want to be a lifestyle product photographer for really cool known brands, a photographer on tour for a really amazing, talented and genuine artist. [A chance to] travel the world and take super sick concert photos and meet people and eat food from [different places in the world]”
Model: Lana • Wardrobe Stylist: Damaris Flores • Make-Up Artist: Jax Flores • Photography/Concept by: Kayla de Guzman



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Co-founder and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mamou is a recent college graduate from the University of California, Riverside. Being raised in Oakland, and spending 4 years in Southern California, Mamou heard the constant negative views that people had on the Bay Area. She vowed to help change those views, and Nook and Kranny is her first step in doing so.

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