Let's keep this Yooo Kayla Takeover going. You've seen her work all over the web, and now we're giving you all a chance to read about her influences, inspirations, and fears.
Let’s keep this Yooo Kayla Takeover going. You’ve seen her work all over the web, and now we’re giving you all a chance to read about her influences and inspirations.
Muse: Corey aka “Chazz Shabazz” | Clothing by: The Hundreds •

She started photography as a way to express herself creatively, and have her vision be seen nationwide and globally. She loves being able to create something that can inspire others, and she uses photography as her creative outlet because of all the different ways that the medium can be used to express herself. “The possibilities are endless.” The Bay Area has influenced her to think outside of the box with her photography. There’s some photographers who be doing the same edit and taking the same picture. I try not to have my work looking super repetitive whether it’d be for shooting portraits or shooting landscape. I always try to do something that stands out but also focus on making it me. My style. My work.


Bay Area Artist, SIRI | Wardrobe Stylist/Concept by: Damaris Flores | Make-Up Artist: Jax Flores | Photographer: Kayla de Guzman

Her favorite shoot to date is between the airplane shoot that she did last year and the vintage trailer themed shoot that was done this year. “The airplane shoot was the most nerve-racking yet amazingly successful shoot I’ve ever done […] The shoot was super dope and  became memorable and one for the books! The vintage trailer concept that I did this year was inspired by the movie “My Girl” (1991) – I get so hyped and inspired by really old movies. […] I was able to put together a really dope team and everyone who became a part of it was in the zone for the shoot [which was] the most important thing! I believe that if you find people who believe in your vision, your work will be what you had envisioned it to be!” Her dream shoot is to work on portraits for known hip hop artists! She can see herself thinking of themes for these artists and having her work being displayed as their cover art. Being able to see her work everywhere would be mind blowing.

Models: Rachel Bussey and Isaiah Lacy | Make-Up Artist: Christina Sem | Wardrobe Stylist: Quentin Ventura | Photography/Concept by: Kayla de Guzman
Her biggest fear when deciding to follow her passion was learning to accept and deal with both constructive and destructive criticism. “I was a little sensitive back then and my feelings [were] as thin as lead from a lead pencil. I was scared to grow and meet new people because I was always known as the person who couldn’t make friends in all of my school years. [I have since] learned to be very open in taking any criticism, opinions, or just any type of feedback.” She understands that everyone is different, and not everyone will understand your vision. People are going to say whatever, and it is up to you to take it and not let it get to you. “As a photographer, not many people will like your work and thats okay because you’ll end up finding people who will! The only fear I really have right now, are the details of my photos. I gotta make sure my photos are looking A1. Details are becoming everything to me. I really be triple checking all my photos before having it published on social media or anywhere!” 
Muse: Corey aka “Chazz Shabazz” | Clothing by: The Hundreds •
To any upcoming photographers, Kayla has 2 pieces of advice for you.
1. Edit your photos with Lightroom (super easy)
2. You don’t need a million dollar camera to take a great picture, get yourself some lens! You’ll be A1.

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