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I really wanted to share this wonderful podcast episode with you all. I have been a fan of the BGIO podcast and Lindsey Day for quite some time now, but this episode was especially uplifting for me. As a entrepreneur and a black woman in the creative space, this episode really resonated with me.  I hope it touches you all like it touched me! <3

Episode 22 — Embrace your Narrative, Take Ownership & Remain Patient: A Talk with Lindsey Day of CRWN Mag

From Black Girl In Om: In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory have a heart-to-heart with their friend Lindsey Day, co-founder of CRWN Magazine. In sharing her journey shaping this beautiful print magazine for black women, Lindsey gets real about the importance of black women’s representation in the editorial field, and shares how this representation contributes to our mental health and self-image. A must-listen for any aspiring or beginning creative entrepreneur, Lindsey offers tips on maintaining perspective, patience, and the urgency of financial sustainability. This conversation is a great prequel to the second issue of CRWN Mag which focuses on Self-Love and features a cover story on Lauren, Deun, and BGIO sisterbrand Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash. Be inspired by all three women’s insights on sisterhood, the creative process, and creating a necessary project or space for marginalized people.


read our article on crwn mag HERE.

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Co-founder and the wellness curator, Odilcia is a current 4th year at the California State East Bay. Having been raised in Salinas, CA, she was surrounded by negative stereotypes of the Bay Area. However, because her family lived in the Bay, she had an early appreciation for what the Bay has to offer. Now that she lives in the Bay, she wants to use her insight and love for the Bay Area to help alter the negative stereotypes of the Bay that some people may have. @odilciab

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