Awkward Convos with Beejus took it’s spontaneous uncut script to Oaklandish this weekend and went live with co-hosts Anthony Dargons and MoeGreen. If you missed it, or just wanna relive it, tap in!

If you didn’t already know, Awkward Convos with Beejus is a podcast filled with unfiltered, authentic, and sometimes intoxicated conversations with some great Bay creatives. Lead by West Oakland MC Beejus, each episode of Awkward Convos features an open discussion which usually ends in some awkward topics and a ton of laughs.

The second installment of LIVE! Awkward Convos with Beejus, was hosted at every artists favorite local venue, Oaklandish. Recently, Oaklandish has hosted a slew of poppin events, including singer/producer 1-O.A.K’s, Bay Area Listening Party and on July 14th , will be hosting artist YMTK’s, release party. With host Beejus, leading the narrative,  LIVE! Awkward Convos with Beejus, was joined by Anthony Dragons and MoeGreen as co-hosts, and a live audience, for an unadulterated good time.

photo by: @cameramancam209

The dynamic between host Beejus and co-hosts Dragons and MoeGreen, was one that was almost Jack Ass-esque, sprinkled with Rob and Big. Essentially, it was a foray into a male college dorm room covering topics as culturally relevant to Jay-Z’s 4:44 album to “would you rather have Cheeto dusted fingers forever or cry anytime someone says your name.”

photo by: @bo11ywood

The energy from the live audience was affable and unreserved as guests competed in intense battles of Rock, Paper, Scissors for an opportunity in the coveted hot seat with the hosts. Adding to the awkwardness of it all, were the moments when unassuming patrons stepped into Oaklandish, coming to purchase a piece of Oakland culture and spontaneously becoming participants to conversations like “would you rather have thumb up your butt for 15 seconds or get tongue fucked for 1 minute”?

photo by: @cameramancam209

What makes Beejus’s live shows so entertaining is experiencing the sheer chaos of everything. From the insanely inappropriate questions and the sincerity that hosts and guests respond to them, to toddlers running up on stage, attacking co-host MoeGreen (and an innocent bowl of skittles), to the family-like atmosphere created by crowd participation; everyone in the room gets to be a guest on the Awkward Convos with Beejus podcast. The best part is, if you missed the actual live show, you get to relive it when it airs, and trust me, you’ll make sure you don’t ever miss a live show again.

Live! Awkward Convos With Beejus dropped yesterday on 6/10/2017

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