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Next time you go grocery shopping, take notice of the locations listed next to the prices of the produce.

The closer that location is to home, the better. Buying local produce means your food is fresher, you’re in support of creating and maintaining jobs in your company, and you’re keeping your costs down because you won’t be paying out of pocket for food to be transported from whatever state or country it comes from.

The above listed reasons are why farmer’s markets are so great, but if you want to take it a step further (and growing your own produce isn’t an option), visit a pick-your-own food farm.

I recently took my produce shopping from the store aisle to the crop row on a visit to Cloverfield Organic Farm in El Sobrante.


Upon arriving, I was greeted by the farmers who gave me a tour of the their organic farm and orchard where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to cultivate crops. I was offered fresh samples of blackberries, strawberries, pluots, and herbs like chocolate mint and purple garlic. I was also informed of the different healing properties of plants along the way.



At the end of the tour, I picked which produce I wanted to buy. You can pay by the bunch or a flat-fee to fill your reusable shopping bag. They also offer starter plants for purchase if you’re interested in starting your own garden.



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