Founded in 2014, Nook and Kranny is a Bay Area based blog that prides itself on showcasing things that are Bay Area related. This includes good eats, soulful sounds, and everlasting memories. We are your eyes and ears to what is going on in the Bay Area. We will give you up to date information on Bay Area events, as well as day of and behind the scene coverage. We will travel to your favorite restaurants, attend the best concerts, and interview Bay Area natives.

This blog was created with the desire to give the Bay Area the proper respect that it deserves. The Bay is more than the negative headlines. It is time for the people of the Bay to stand up and give the world an accurate definition of who we really are.


Les Jumelles, which translates to the twins in french, are the founders of Nook and Kranny. The cousin duo set out to make a name for The Bay Area, provide a voice for the voiceless, and a stage for those who feel under represented.

 |Mamou Kilambi|

Co-founder and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mamou is a recent college graduate from the University of California, Riverside. Being raised in Oakland, and spending 4 years in Southern California, Mamou heard the constant negative views that people had on the Bay Area. She vowed to help change those views, and Nook and Kranny is her first step in doing so. @forevermamou

|Odilcia Balondola|


Co-founder and the Food Coordinator, Odilcia is a current 3rd year at the California State East Bay. Having been raised in Salinas, CA, she was surrounded by negative stereotypes of the Bay Area. However, because her family lived in the Bay, she had an early appreciation for what the Bay has to offer. Now that she lives in the Bay, she wants to use her insight and love for the Bay Area to help alter the negative stereotypes of the Bay that some people may have. @odilciab


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