Lanee W. takes you inside the mind of artist, photographer and visionary Don B.


Lanee: So Don B, tell us a little about yourself a small intro for those who don’t know who you are?

 Don B: I’m Brandon Gilbert, i’m from San Diego and I’ve been living in the bay for four years.
Lanee: What brought you to the bay and what were some of your initial thoughts before moving here?
Don B: Originally just vibes and school, I was going to school at the Academy of Art but life happened and I just ended up leaving and then I started working here at Infinite. My uncle brought me here one time when I was in high school and we went to Haight street and I just noticed how everyone was just themselves and I love how you can just be yourself out here and it wasn’t really like anyone judging you its like how ever you are is how people will portray you.
Lanee: Okay I can dig that, so how did your work with infinite start up and what are some of your favorite trends and brands in the store?
Don B: I was at a photo shoot with my other homie Brandon and he was working here before me, he hit me one day and said they were looking for interns and I gave them a resume and one thing led to another and I ended up working here. My favorite brand here would have to be Acapolco Gold, theres some secrets about this brand that a lot of people don’t know about, some of the designers of it used to be designers for Supreme, you’ll find a lot of influence and a lot of the same quality’s you would in Supreme. I feel like its a little more real, just because its still underground and the brand isn’t as out there as Supreme. I also like The Others.
Lanee: What are some of the trends you’ve been seeing around the city lately?
Don B: 3M will forever be a trend and a lot of brands have been getting really creative with it. Solid colors and simple pieces are in, the street wear game is getting more basic everything is kinda relaxing down now.
Lanee: Killing Time? Whats that all about?
Don B: Me and my homie Kenzie met at the Academy, we would always skate together, it was like a big group of skaters. We would be like chilling sitting on the street smoking blunts and people just gave us the name “blunt boyz” and it just stuck. One day we were kicking it and my homie was playing some beats and he started flowing and I was like damn dude your good, so since I already had the knowledge of what it takes to kinda be something I was like man if we link up we could possibly make this into something thats bigger than us. Now it’s 2014 and i’m producing my own beats and we have a collaborative project coming out soon, we went from stealing beats off the internet to essentially making our own art.
Lanee: How was it for you opening up for Sir Michael Rocks, one of your idols?
Don B: It was a pretty big ass thing for me, because its like you organize something with somebody that you look up to and now you know you don’t stand on the same level but you stand on the same plateau for one moment its more inspirational for you to continue your dreams. Its like you saying was sup to the dojo master but you still gotta be out in the woods kicking kung-fu ass because you know your not there yet, you still got levels to reach.
Lanee: What are some of the artists you guys are slapping in here?
Don B: Its a lot of producer based shit here at Infinite, I listen to Makonnen, Future that never gets old, Metro Boomin, a lot of Soulection I don’t know I just like the vibe, I just like beats half the time you can come in here and people will just be free styling.
Lanee: How influential is the weed culture in Infinite?
Don B: I wouldn’t say were always faded, we are just intelligently using our wisdoms in the correct ways while we are under the influence.. that shit is too deep.
Lanee: And lastly why is your new tape entitled Don King, what is the inspiration behind it?
Don B: Don King was a crazy ass dude back in the day, he basically tried to manage people who manage people you know, and I feel like the music I’m making now is gonna show what he tried to do. At the end of the day he got fucked, he lost all his money was broke as shit and it just shows you every man is gonna have some fault at some point in time if you just realize who you what you’ve done and how you do it if you don’t do it too late, you can always be happy about it.

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