San Francisco Zoo
Sloat Blvd At the Great Highway
San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 753-7080
Hours of Operation: 365 Days A Week
10AM – 4PM


This week, the Nook and Kranny Squad was granted the opportunity to go to the San Francisco’s Zoo ‘Wild Walk’ These one-hour walks have three different topics happening every Thursday through Sunday. You are given a guide at the beginning of the tour and they entertain you with fun facts, animal stories, and an education program animal encounter that will make you feel like a Zoo insider. Our tour guide Lindsey provided us with fun facts, animal knowledge, and a behind the scenes look of the zoo. Check out a visual recap of the days events along with some cool fun facts and a list of zoo events for the moth of November and December.

Lipman Leemur Family Forest
The Lipman Leemur Family Forest hosts the zoo’s 7 spieces of Leemurs from Madagascar.

The Meer Cat
This is a meer cat. You may know him as Timon from the Lion King. *Fun Fact* Timon means meer cat in Swahili.
Coffee the Hedgehog
When hedgehogs are young, the spikes on their back are soft. As they grow older, these spikes become hard and are the hedgehogs only defense mechanism.
Flamingos primary food source are shrimp. Shrimp eat algea. Flamingos are born grey and the beta keratin that is found in algea is the reason they are pink.
Kabibe The Gorilla
This is a memorial at the zoo for Kabibe. Kabibe was a 16-month old gorilla who died at the San Francisco Zoo on Friday, November 7th. The baby gorilla died after being crushed by an automatic closing door. Investigations are underway involving her death.
Thank you to the San Francisco Zoo for having us. It was a true pleasure. Make sure to head up there, especially during the Holiday Season – Zoo Lights, Reindeer Romp – and tell them that Nook and Kranny sent you.


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