Heres an A-Z list of fashion essentials, cool tricks, and good to know tips for every Bay Area fashionista.

A – Animal Print – Keep It To A Minimum: We all love some animal print but too much of it can be overwhelming. Remember, keep the print to a minimum, no one wants to look like a human cheetah.
B – Bright Colored Accessories: Nothing makes an outfit pop like bright accents. It adds a little energy to what may have been a boring and neutral outfit.
C – Crochet: Crochet is making a definite come back. Head to your local Forever 21 and buy a crochet sweater which is perfect for a breezy spring day in the Bay Area.
D – DIY: There are plenty of DIY fashion ideas out there. Instead of spending money on something that someone else may have, be unique and create your own style.
E – Every Day Fashion: Being fashionably fancy is great, but always remember to keep a few pieces in your closet for every day casual wear.
F – Floppy Hat: Spring (and Summer) is the perfect time to rock the floppy hat. Its perfect to add a little swagger to a hot spring look.
G – Gold: You can never have enough accessories. Gold ones are the perfect way to go. Whether it be rings, watches, or earrings, the perfect gold accessory is a great way to add a little pop to any Spring look.
H – Hippie Swag: A cool new trend is the hippie style. Its super chill, laid back, and perfect for any hot spring day. The other great part is that you can get a large majority of these clothes and accessories from thrift stores which means keeping your wallet happy.
I – Illusion Bag: With these ultimate 90’s fashion trend, show off your new phone case and everything else in your bag with these vibrant and swaggy transparent bags.
J – Joggers: I have an absolute obsession with joggers!  They are a sleeker more fashionable version of sweats. Other than being super comfy, you can pair them with any top, jacket, sneakers or sandals.
K – Knee High Socks: Long extravagant knee high socks are the perfect way to switch your outfit from elegant to chill. Pair em with some sneakers and a dress and you have the perfect park or party fit.
L – Long Dress:  This spring, make sure to stock up on a few long dresses. They are a perfect way to elongate your body and make you feel extra elegant.
M – Make A List: This is probably a no brainer but it is very beneficial if you are a shopaholic like me. Make a list before you head to the mall and STICK TO IT.
N – Nude Pumps: Not sure what shoe to wear to finish up your outfit? You can never go wrong with a nude pump.
O – Overalls: Another nod to the 90’s, overalls have been making a comeback over the past few years. You can dress them down and be laid back, or dress them up for a night out.
P – Perfect Purse: Finding the perfect purse is a must for this spring. Whether it is big or small, make sure it is in a neutral color so that you can wear it with all of your outfits.
Q – Quality Over Quantity: Save up for an expensive bag or leather jacket. It may be tempting to go with the cheaper version, but trust you get what you pay for and a leather jacket that lasts is a must this spring.
R – Red Lip: A red lip is a great way to make your outfit pop and give an extra bam to your overall look.
S – Show Skin Strategically: Everyone loves to feel sexy. The key is remaining classy at the same time. Best way to do it? Show a little skin, but not too much skin. Leave the rest up to mystery.
T – Thrifting: We’ve mentioned it in past posts but allow me to reiterate the importance of thrifting. You can end up with great finds for a very low price. And San Francisco Haight Street has some of the BEST thrift stores.
U – Underwear: Personally, putting on a sexy pair of underwear makes any outfit 10X sexier. Granted, onlookers cant see, but it’s a great personal confidence boost.
V – Vintage: Just like hippie style, vintage wear is making a comeback. The best part is that you can hit up your local thrift store for these looks and make your bank account happy.
W – Wide Pant: Although skinny pants will probably never go out of style, wide leg pants are giving them a great run for their money. The wide pants gives every fashionista a little extra pow to your fit. They are still sleek abd stylish like skinny pants but offer a little more drama for your spring outfit.
X – XL Jackets: Oversize outerwear is a great cozy way to look cute and stay warm. Balance the volume with a pair of skinny jeans and you’re set.

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