Recently I sat down with Anthony Dragons the eccentric rapper and his manager Trevor. Equipped with a big personality and even bigger alter ego – the yellow dragon – I was interested to see what really goes on in this mans mind. Needless to say, I got a lot of questions answered, and left with a lot of new ones. You never know what this man is about to say or do, which makes me even more excited for his performance at All Vibez and his upcoming projects.

So Anthony tell me a little about yourself, what is it that you do?

I just live, Im a dragon so I do what dragons do.. creatively though, I make music.

You recently changed your name from Anthony Almighty to Anthony Dragons, was there a reason behind that?

Yeah like me and Duckwrth always claimed the whole dragons thing, every show I perform at I got people screaming 88 dragons aint nothin to f* with! Its just who we are, what we do. So when I heard dudes like IloveMakkonnen and other rappers claiming to be dragons I was like uhn uhn, this is mine and ya’ll n*ggas need to know that 88 dragons ain’t nothin to f* with.

So whats the story behind you and your manager Trevor?

 Its a long story, basically like I was leaving work at the Southland mall, I used to work at Foot Action. The weather was crazy, crazy winds, and I get a flat tire. So I’m sitting there like contemplating like should I just off myself or get out fix this tire and end up blowing away, I don’t know either way I was gone be off’ed. So in the midst of me thinking bout that a light came through the back window, I look back somebody had his high beams up, Im thinking somebody gone come assist me right! I hear a knock at my door, I’m looking around don’t see nobody, so I roll down the window and it’s this n*gga! Make a long story short, he fixed my tire, got me back rolling and we been riding ever since.

What is it that makes you so interested in Neko’s and Japanese culture?

My dad, like my dad is Pharrell.


Yeah my dad is Pharrell, i’ll say it again. Its serious, like I have a NERD tat and BBC on me as well.

Thats really wild haha, so lets get back to the music, what was the concept behind your last project Ode English?

My favorite producer is Chuck English, from the Cool Kids. So it was an ode to him.

What would you consider to be a big influence on you in the bay?

My parents fasho, with them I grew up with the best of both worlds. Im not gone lie and act like I grew up hard, I was a spoiled ass kid. Like my mom always was a working woman, always had successful jobs was just very hard working. Then my dad was in the streets! Selling drugs and all that crazy shit, so I got to see both sides of that.

Who are some of your favorite artists besides Pharrell?

I love Kanye, I love Cudi. People haven’t seen me at my happiest if they haven’t seen me at a Cudi concert.

When did you start rapping and how did you end up in the Oakland art scene?

My old coworkers, they all used to rap, and like I always thought it was so cool, I had this one verse like saved up and I was waiting for the day to use it, then it came and I had it all memorized and the dudes were like man, like you got it. Your a rapper. And the rest, well you know the rest.

As for being in the scene, i’m just a people person, Im all about the laughs and just being who I am, not to sound over confident but just who I am connects me with the right people, like I’ve had shows with big names, like Schoolboy, Kendrick, Wale, etc. I just connect with people off personality.

If you want to know more about Anthony and the moves he’s making out here in the Bay just check out some of the upcoming shows he will be featured at!

 All Vibez:

April 5th. Ashzenaz

1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, Ca.

7pm, $5 Admission


April 17th Brick & Mortar Music Hall

1718 Mission St. San Francisco

8pm, $12 admission

Curren$y’s Pilot Talk 3 Tour:

April 27th 420 Mason Street, San Francisco, Ca.

8:00 pm, $25 admission

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