Mamou and I LOVE watching documentaries. It’s seriously one of our favorite things to do. In my opinion, documentaries are one of the best ways to learn and retain information. It also can give you a new perspective on things you would have never imagined. So, I decided to share some of my recent discoveries with you Kings and Queens so you can see for yourself!

Childhood obesity is at an all time high in this country and while lack of exercise plays a big role in the problem, the food industry is no help. This doc sheds light on how big food companies targets young children into putting all their junk food into their bodies. ALL MOTHERS OF YOUNG CHILDREN SHOULD WATCH!
Joe Cross was overweight, unhappy and suffering from an autoimmune diease. When medication didnt work, he decided to take a more natural approach to his health by drinking fruit and vegetable juice for a whole month! This film documents his journey.
The secret was not really a documentary. But it is most def one of my favorite films to watch. It really changes the way you view sucess and how you achieve it. A MUST WATCH FOR EVERYONE!
 It’s crazy, but I never even knew about the MOVE project until I watched this doc. The MOVE Project was a Black liberation organization based in Philly. Their movement caused tension all over the city and their headquarters ended up being bombed by the state in 1985.
 The title kind of speaks for itself. The Black Power Mixtape give you a run down of the Black Power Movement through the eyes of several Swedish Journalist.


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