We first met Tyrone Jenkins Sr. – who on stage goes by O.O.P.S (Overpowering Obstacles Patiently & Strategically) – at a Trapxart event in San Francisco. The West Oakland rapper kept to himself and although he didn’t say much, his energy was super vibrant. We finally got to see his talent at Freespirit Fest 3 where he took the stage and wowed the audience. We are super excited that he will be hitting the Winter Vibrations stage next month, and we want to give you all a moment to get to know the man behind the mic.

When O.O.P.S was younger, he wanted to be a graphic/visual artist or a fire fighter. As a child, he was very quiet, shy and afraid. Not afraid of anyone in particular, just afraid in general. He wanted to be the best at everything he did and wanted to stand out so that he could get out of the darkness in his head. He dealt with depression because of some choices his family decided to make and how those choices affected him. To this day, he still thinks about those times as a kid, being on punishment all the time, fighting both physically and mentally because of the bullying he endured. As he grows and those times pass through his mind, he is able to pull from it, write it down and make a rhyme out of it. Those memories and times have truly formed and shaped him into the happy, positive, respectable, respectful and loving person that he is today. 

“If I could tell my 10 year old self anything, it would simply be that being weird is cool, to be you no matter what anyone says and stay positive and happy.”

He first started to do music when he was 11. He developed his production skills at the age of 12, and started to do rap seriously at the age of 14. His biggest musical influences are Tupac – rap-wise – and J Dilla – production-wise. With these influences and his years of practicing, he has developed a unique sound. 

“All I know is you can’t box it in or say it’s similar to anyone else’s. It’s very versatile and futuristic. It’s mine. No genre fits my sound.”

He is influenced by the people and things around him, especially those who are trying to make a difference in life. People that are working hard to achieve their goals inspire him to keep going, keep grinding, and continue to put in work to get his message out there.

“The message I’m trying to send with my music is to stay positive, remain creative and productive and to encourage people to avoid making the mistakes that I made in life. That’s the main reason for my artist name. I’m telling my story through the music, and hoping it can make a difference for those who are listening.” 

He doesn’t really listen to any one in particular because if he hears something that he likes, when it comes time to creating his own music, he may create something similar on accident. His dream collab however consists of Pharell on the beat, and Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and J.Cole all on one track.

In 5 years, he sees himself touring the world, having a family of his own, being married, and creating and making music on a bigger scale.He doesn’t have a musical bucket list just yet, he just wants to keep creating good music, and influencing those around him.

“I want to keep my son from going through what I had to go through, take care of the people around me, help move my family out of the struggle and show them a better life. I also want to change the Bay Area music scene. We’re all different out here, we’re very split up into sections and clique, there’s no unity or help for us. Everyone is out for themselves. We’ve only had singers come out of the bay area and make it really big. I’m trying to be the first one or at least one of the first ones.”

O.O.P.S has a lot of music out there, and has even more to release. He has an album coming out called “Something For Nothing” which doesn’t have an official release date but will be out before the end off 2015.


Now, it’s time for shout outs.

“Shout out to my parents, the people that doubted and still doubt, my lord and savior Jesus Christ, my small circle, my big brothers Beejus & J Lately, my son, my sister Meesh, all my little bit of fans, the people who actually take the time out of their day to listen to me, and my music, anyone whosever done anything for me and last but not least my girlfriend Mamou.”

December is going to be a busy month for O.O.P.S. Along with Winter Vibrations, he will be performing at Freespirit Fest 3, Legendvry and Friends, and The Last Bang.


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