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Hello Kings and Queens!

I wanted to create quick and easy product guide to keep your fro’s beautiful and healthy during what seems to be the coldest winter ever.


First of all, I want to stress that just because it is cold and rainy outside, does not mean that you should stop co washing and moisturizing on a regular basis! If you have extremely thick hair like mine, not moisturizing your hair is one of the worst things you can do for to hair. Wind and cold weather actually make your hair SUPER DRY which in turn causes breakage, and no one wants that.

Here are a couple of products that have done me justice during these cold winter months. Like I said before, my hair is SUPER THICK so my hair regime may or may not work for you..



STAY HYDRATED PEOPLE! Water is essential to healthy body function. Healthy body = Pawpin Skin + Hair



During the winter months, I try to limit my shampoo use to at least once a month depending on my hairstyle. Shampooing dries out the hair especially if you use shampoos with sulfates in it.


shea butter

If your a thick haired  natural like myself, a conditioning mask isn’t going to keep your hair hydrated throughout the day. So you must hydrate your hair with a leave in then seal it with some type of oil or waterless moisturizer. Cantu’s Leave in Conditioner + Unrefined Shea Butter  works wonders for my hair.

My moisture and seal routine

  1. Co-Wash
  2. Air dry
  3. Spilt my hair into four sections
  4. Detangle
  5. Add my leave in conditioner
  6. Detangle again
  7. Seal with my shea butter focusing on my ends

Working with natural hair is tedious but it isn’t impossible! once you get into the routine of things, the process becomes quicker and the results are so worth it! I hope this helped. If you have any questions, comment below!!

Odilcia B.


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Co-founder and the wellness curator, Odilcia is a current 4th year at the California State East Bay. Having been raised in Salinas, CA, she was surrounded by negative stereotypes of the Bay Area. However, because her family lived in the Bay, she had an early appreciation for what the Bay has to offer. Now that she lives in the Bay, she wants to use her insight and love for the Bay Area to help alter the negative stereotypes of the Bay that some people may have. @odilciab

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