Food editor Michelle Owino revisits Bissap Baobab and shares her favorite dishes.


What excites me most about living in the Bay Area is the diverse culture, accompanied by the rich ethnic cuisines this place has to offer. My last foodie adventure took me to Bissap Baobab, a Senegalese restaurant located in San Francisco’s Mission district – there is also one in Oakland – that serves traditional Senegalese dishes along with other West African eats. The restaurant is not big but the space is utilized well. Near the entrance is a bar stocked with spirits and beers from all over the world. On the other end of the bar is a small stage that is equipped with musical instruments and is used for various performances. The rest of the space is used for guests seating, however, at around 10 p.m. the area near the stage is cleared and turned to a dance floor.

The food is exceptional and there is just about anything for everyone.

Here are my top favorites from the menu:


The plantains are ripe and cooked to perfection and are paired with a
homemade tamarind yoghurt dipping sauce that is absolutely flavorful.
This combo is delicious, so you must try it.
Plus, if you check-in on Yelp you can get it for free.


Dibi is a popular choice amongst the guest.
The Yassa sauce is rich and tasty, and the couscous is a good combo
when mixed with your choice of protein and salad.



Simple yet delectable.



And of course, you must not leave without trying some of their refreshing drink specialties. The cocktails are unique in that they are infused with homemade juices which will leave you feeling like you are vacationing somewhere in the coast. I highly recommend this place if you are looking to experience an authentic West African cuisine in a comfortable and lively atmosphere.











For more detailed information follow Bissap Baobab on Instagram and Facebook. Have Monday!

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