Recently, I've stumbled upon some pretty great Bay Area podcasts that I have been dying to share with you all. Here are some Bay Area podcasts that you should pay attention to.

About three years ago, I first discovered the magical world of podcasts and have been a fan ever since. For people with a long commute, some free time on their hands, or lovers of radio shows, podcasts are exactly what you need. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon some pretty great ones out of the Bay Area that I have been dying to share with you all. Here are some Bay Area podcasts that you should pay attention to (in no particular order)


Awkward Convos with Beejus is a podcast filled with unfiltered, authentic, and sometimes intoxicated conversations with some great Bay creatives. Lead by West Oakland MC Beejus, each episode of Awkward Convos features an open discussion which usually ends in some awkward topics and a ton of laughs. Best part? We were featured on an episode so you should go check that out.


Mmhmm, girl is hosted by two beautiful Queens and they bring you the ultimate girl talk. They spill the tea on all the hottest topics and don’t bite their tongues while they are at it. If you haven’t heard of this show before, you’ll definitely be hooked after one episode.


Broads and Banter may be new to the podcast game, but they already have my attention. The hosts Red Corvette and Pretty Neish bring together “regular” people and talk about whatever comes to mind. In episode one, they took a shot to start off the show and play Never Have I Ever, yup I’m in!


REELYDOPE Radio is a magical blend of movie buffs, social activists, griots, and good old fashion shit talkers. They have created a space for cool young people to get together and share their truth, about The Bay, important social issues, movies and tv shows, and sometimes just fuckery. Oh and did I mention we also recorded an episode a few months back? It was great, go listen!


The Ask Patafria Show is a super honest and turnt up show. It features both interviews with Bay Area personalities as well as unfiltered discussions about topics that you have always wanted to talk about. For example, there’s an episode entitled “Fantasies, Roleplaying, and Hygiene” Yep, they go there, and I am totally here for it!


The Inky Comet – I’m always looking for people and shows that I feel represent a mirror, something that I can relate to and feel represents me and The Inky Comet is just that. The podcast explores issues that affect the black diaspora. Through the use of music, and personal anecdotes, The Inky Comet gives listeners a view of the black experience through the lens of a Black woman.

Did I miss one of your favs? Comment below and I’ll be sure to give em a listen.


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