Flavas Jamaican Grill is a hidden gem located in the heart of downtown South San Francisco. It is a small laid back restaurant that serves homestyle ethnic Jamaican dishes with friendly staff and a mellow atmosphere. The portions of each dish is considerably  fair for their price point.

If I had one word to describe this restaurant, it world be authentic. The menu was filled with savory, sweet, and spicy cuisines that reminded me of the Caribbean and satisfied all my cravings.

One thing to keep in mind is that the restaurant can get quite packed during lunch and dinner rush hours so I suggest being prepared to wait or make a reservation online. Other than that, I enjoyed the dishes and will definitely be returning to try a few more.

What I ordered:

Codfish Fritters

They were just alright. Loved the chutney, but I wish the fritters had more codfish inside.flavas-1

Jerk Chicken

I highly recommend trying this. The chicken was extremely moist and tender. The meat was flavorsome and fell of the bone. It was served with a spicy aromatic rice & beans, plantains, and sautéed vegetables which paired well. flavas-2

Curried Goat

Also highly recommend. The blend of the rich savory spices brought the goat to life.flavas-3

Sweet Potato Pudding with rum & raisin ice cream

Perfect ending to a good meal. The freshly baked hot pudding complimented the sweet frosty ice cream. Was very impressed with this combination.flavas-4

For more detailed information you can visit Flava’s Jamaican Grill website



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