Serve Love Through The Lover, an intimate evening with some of your favorite artists and DJs. Check out our most recent Music Monday, where we sat down with Joog Knight and discussed the event, the creatives who will be gracing the stage, and what to expect from the night.

Joog Knight presents an intimate evening with some of your favorite artists and DJs at one of Oakland’s best-loved venues, RegularsOnly. “Serve Love Through The Lover”, is a musical experience featuring the hypnotic and sensual vocals of Siri, Iman Europe, 1-O.A.K and Jay Ant with DJ sets by Sweetest Threat and Wavy Baby. Joog Knight, wanted to incorporate some balance to the traditional “rap show” experience and add some sensuality and R&B to mix. Creating an enticing atmosphere of music and performances, “Serve Love Through The Lover” is the first of many shows hosted by Joog Knight that will allow show goers to experience high quality music and performances in an intimate and engaging setting. Check out our most recent Music Monday, where we sat down with Joog Knight and discussed the event, the creatives who will be gracing the stage, and what to expect from the night.

How did this event come about?
Well it started as an idea to have a night filled with RnB. I went to like 10 rap shows out here within a one month period and wanted a break from people yelling at me all night. So, I started to think of what homies I knew that compliment each other and are never on the same bill. I also wanted a balance of masculine and feminine energy. These artists, including the DJs, embody that balance and have been proven to be able to serve love at a high level consistently.

You have a blend of artists and genres performing, tell us about the lineup:
This is a lineup of some of the most innovative musicians I’ve ever had the honor of listening to. Some of the best around at delivering very specific vibes. Jay can cough on the mic and make you faint, 1OAK has a voice and presence that sends chills down your spine, Siri knows how to control the hearts in the crowd, Iman has the type of presence and music that makes you want to deliver her the world, Sweetest Threat and Wavy Baby know how to make you wanna fall in love on the dance floor just by pressing play.
photo credit, left – right: VaviMami || VisualThought || FaizalMila || JamiJamster

You’re supporting a lot of female artists on this ticket, including DJs, who don’t usually get showcased for shows. How do you feel the Bay can support more female creatives?
First, they can stop looking at them as just female creatives. Pay attention to the talent. There’s so many talented women in the bay displaying a range of different skills, wake the fuck up! The photographer for my event is a woman as well because she’s one of the more talented photographers I’ve seen. I also fuck with balance. I’m not trying to highlight them for being women, I’m highlighting the fact that they are extremely talented.

photo credit:
You are also showcasing Jay Ant and 1-O.A.K, who’s albums are two of the most anticipated upcoming releases this year. What can fans look forward to with their performances?
They are very tight lipped about what they are getting ready to deliver so I don’t even know. One thing I can tell you though is that they never disappoint and they’re both working hard to deliver something new and refreshing so you won’t wanna miss it.

How did you connect with RegularsOnly?

They’re a group of homies who share similar visions as I do and support local talent. They provide a safe space for line ups and chill sessions that normally are overlooked by “bigger” venues.

Can we expect more showcases by you?
Definitely as long as my friends keep making amazing music that I want to see live I will continue to line it up.

photo credit: BryanLuna

You’re an artist as well, what do you have coming up the pipeline?
Joog Knight has new music, videos, clothes and showcases coming throughout the rest of the year. Can’t wait to share and I hope it is gratefully received.

What can show goers expect to experience with “Serve Love Through the Lover”
An intimate experience. We want you to leave with someone that night. Whether it’s someone you came with or someone you just met, go home and love on each other. Love on each other on the dance floor for all we care, just love. And if you leave alone go home and love on yourself.

Make sure you hit to purchase tickets for  an evening of good music, good people and good love.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

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