There is no way that you’re from The Bay and haven’t heard about Photos By Darrin. His ability to capture some of the most breathtaking images is what first caught my attention, and after working out of his Glass Loft Studio, I was able to see how humble and genuinely sweet he was. Recently got the chance to sit down with this amazing creative and we discussed his inspirations, his photography style, and his favorite shoot. Check it out!

Straight out of Oakland, Darrin has been doing photography for 4 years now. He fell in love with it because it is one of the many ways that he can express himself creatively without having any limits. Inspired by his friend Carl, who was able to document his adventures through photography, he picked up a camera and started out with landscapes and cityscapes.


He gets most of his inspiration through magazines. “I just go to Barnes n Nobles and look at different types of magazines for hours. I get inspired by things I wouldn’t think would look good in a “normal world”  or just shit that makes people react in a good or bad way.” The Bay Area is also a huge source of inspiration. “The Bay is Art. It’s so many artists, stylists, and photographers in the bay that are killin’ it. There are a lot of creative individuals, you cant walk two blocks without seeing art on a wall or sidewalk, even a garbage can [chuckles]”

What makes him different from other photographers is his editing style. He likes to find a balance between eliminating all flaws while still looking natural. He also has no limit to what or who he will shoot. He likes to constantly be outside of the box, and is willing to capture things that some may not. “I like being outside of the norm, and would shoot a dude with a face full of make up to a girl wearing pants on her arm.” In his opinion, he doesn’t have a photography “style.” He refuses to put himself in a box. “I like to shoot anything from food, landscapes, random shit, people. I shoot whatever my eye catches. I like shooting things that make people think whether its bad or good. My goal is to get the viewer to talk about my work.”
Out of all of his shoots, his favorite one would have to be the one he did with stylist Vanessa who made the entire fit out of plastic paper.  “I just feel like it was hella interesting especially with the way the lighting was and how it reflected through the paper. Its shit you wouldn’t see people wear in the streets”
His advice for any upcoming photographer is to do a lot of research and to get out there and try things out. Practice makes perfect. “9 times outta 10 [the answer to your photography question] will be on YouTube. Also the more you shoot and try shit out, the better you’re going to get. Take time to study your craft”
Stay tuned for his couples portrait series that he has coming up as well as more body paint projects with Neko. Also, be sure to follow him on social, and hit him up if you want to shoot, or would like to rent the Glass Loft Studio.

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