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Meet Tracey Love. A Yung Based Queen of the Bay whose energy radiates everywhere she goes. It was a no brainer to feature this free spirit in this years Queen See Queen. I’ve known her from a distance, and have always appreciated her importance in the community, but was recently granted the opportunity to connect with her and talk creativity, the importance of safe spaces and sisterhood, and what it means to be a woman. Tap into Ms.Love.

shot by Imani Sayyed

“My outlets of creative expression have varied since I was of age to freely express myself.”


Tracey spent most of her childhood drawing anime and cartoons, pulling inspiration from bold, warrior like women that she admired – her mom, Selena, Sailor Moon. In the 3rd grade, she evolved to making her creativity evolved to making her own coloring books, charm bracelets and other jewelry. In middle school, her creativity took a backseat to her rebellious ways.

“I started to steer away from my creativity and I started being reckless. I didn’t feel like drawing or being creative as much, I really just wanted to be destructive and explore the expressions of my anger.”

photo by Laydee Kaye

High school gave her the fresh start that she needed, and she expressed herself through her appearance. She experimented a lot by dying her hair, different make up, piercing, fashion style. Her ability to be unapologetically herself inspired those around her to play with their looks.

“They would even ask me to color their hair, their face and even pierce their face. This inspired me to go to Beauty School & get my cosmetology license upon graduating.”

At 19, she fell in love with a poet. Her poetry gave Love inspiration which led her to start writing poetic love letters and sharing this new love and art form with the masses.

“I loved the reactions my creative writing had the most out of all my creative outlets of expression.  I started to have strangers – who became friends – in the streets stop me to say that certain pieces I had written really poked them right in the soul and changed their life. Words are very powerful. It wasn’t until I started coming out to Oakland’s First Friday that I was exposed to the CommUnity/spaces that I felt safety in expressing my words with an audience in front of me.”

At one Oakland Mind Cypher, JahNiah Omi, of the Oakland Mind, saw that she was a little hesitant to step in the circle and say her piece, so she gave her the extra push that she needed. These cyphers became a form of meditation for her. It allowed her to tap in and express higher states of consciousness.

“Last year, I joined an all Wombyn of Color Sensual Arts Collective called DRIP, and together we intend to build a platform in hosting events to empower femme beings with outlets to perform Divine Rituals Interfacing Patriarchy though performing Arts like Burlesque, Pole Dance, Poetry & more. Working with these Multifaceted Wombyn, who also teach, DJ, produce, dance, photograph & say YES to Life, is teaching me to integrate my Sensuality, as a divinely feminine being, in all that I do.”

photo by Laydee Kaye

She understands that Sex is the energy of creation, and sees the importance of understand and honing in on this power, embodying it as ours in a way that can truly empower us and those around us.

shot by Laydee Kaye

What inspires this Queen the most about being a woman is our natural ability to intuitively know. To selflessly utilize this intuition and transform it into nourishing healing love for others. She was truly able to tap into her Queendom about 6 years ago when she fell in love.

“When I met someone to build what seemed to be an empire with, that[s] whenI considered myself an an evolved woman, someone capable of collaborating with another to create something larger than myself, larger than us, for Love. It wasn’t until I felt I met a King, that I felt empowered to see myself as Royalty. I met my Masculine Dual part. It was like looking in a mirror, upside down, and the imagery was complete, in Hi-Definition. Leading with another in a romantic relationship showed me parts of myself I never would have alone.”


She also credits her mom for being the woman that we all see before her today. Although they may not always see eye to eye, she recognizes that she is who is in honor of her. Her mother is the embodiment of love, sacrifice, strength, and independence.

Shot by Imani Sayyed

As a woman, the biggest struggle that she had to overcome was her appearance. Her whole life she was made to feel like the beauty of a woman was conventional and purely cosmetic. In 2016, she shaved her head in an effort to reclaim her hair as her own, on her own terms.

“I wanted to know what my natural hair was like, without chemicals, bleach or heat treatment, something I hadn’t experienced since I was 12. I wanted to know what it was like to not have length but still be a Lady. I wanted to know how I would still express my sensuality & femininity without relying on my hair… Reclamation of my appearance as a woman, I did that, and I will continue doing this work, discovering new ways to represent the resilience in overcoming this struggle many feel as an appearing woman.”

Shot by Imani Sayyed


“[As women], if we stay divided, The Machine and others with ill intent will take advantage of that. If We don’t got each other, they will take us and what we represent here on Earth. Women United in Sisterhood will heal the World, that’s what my intuition is telling me, so I will keep doing the unifying.”


This is why holding space at Regina’s Door is so important to her. In 2016, sex trafficking abolitionist Regina Evans, who represents a friend, healer, alchemist, fashion queen, and so much more to the Bay Area community started Sister Circles at Regina’s Door. They are bi-weekly building and healing circles that are open to sisters in need of space, a place to heal, and speak their truth.

“Regina has been an anchor in reminding me of the importance of balancing with self care before doing healing work with/for others. When Trump was elected, officially, it was a devastating and revealing time to many. We met up the week Trump was elected and after tapping in, the need for Sisterhood & for us to stand strong alongside each other, to protect each other and do the healing together, was clear. Femme is Power. Sisterhood is essential. The SHIFT is with Us.”



2017 is going to be a big year for Tracey. Along with launching a platform for collaborative consciousness that she has been building for over a year,, she will also be releasing her music, EPiphany and traveling to Peru, to do some sibling bonding with her younger brother. She plans on continuing to spread the HELLA POSITIVE Bay Area Hip Hop Culture & Movement out there, and internationally and to empower her Family, her CommUnity, our Society, and the world, with opportunities to connect with self and others through the productions of her love for revolution & the global SHIFT for all the people of earth.

“This is the year I’m unleashing!”

The SiStarHood Circle happen every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, from 7-9pm at Regina’s Door. DRIP will continue serving goddess vibes this spring so definitely be on the lookout for that. Also be sure to show love to the weekly Oakland Mind Cyphers, every Thursday from 7-9pm at Marywearher, and Tatu Vision’s First Friday Music Showcases which happen every first Friday of the month from 7-11pm at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice.

Also remember to keep spreading love, supporting one another, and while you’re at it, show Tracey some Instagram love <3 Happy #QueenSeeQuen month.




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