West Oakland MC Beejus has kicked off the summer with a new fun and flirty anthem titled "Like You" Tap into his recent musical growth and achievement.

West Oakland MC Beejus has kicked off the summer with a new fun and flirty anthem titled “Like You” The Ian McKeeproduced track compliments Beejus’s raspy vocals to the backdrop of an up-tempo, vibey reggae-esque track. 

Working with Ian was a welcomed albeit new experience for Beejus, who traditionally produced with long time music partner O.O.P.S. “When I first heard Ian’s beat, it reminded me of the Kid Cudi song, ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ and that’s where I found the energy for that hook, and I just went with it.” 


Working with Ian, Beejus has learned more about the technical aspects of production and engineering and learning how to use his vocals when he raps and sings on beat. It has helped him tap into a more pop hip-hop sound.  

Another accomplishment for Beejus this year was reaching the 100th episode mark for his beloved podcast “Awkward Convos with Beejus”. Describing the podcast as “the biggest first world problem ever,” Beejus, didn’t anticipate the success of the podcast or how well it would be received by people, saying, “I started this podcast in November of 2015 and I never thought I’d be more known for my podcast then my music. I was already juggling between being a father and an artist and finding that balance, and then I started this podcast and it threw the biggest wrench in my plan. I’m not complaining, it’s been a blessing, but it was definitely unexpected”. As he continues to grow as an artist and host of his own podcast, Beejus continually works at pushing himself and his craft, “I want to replace my day job with this. I want to continue to build my fan based, work on creating and building my brand and make this my living.”

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