Get to know the man behind the music as we cash in on Cash Campain.
shot by Ty LerrAni

“There’s a lot of people that know me as the man I am now, and there’s people that know me as the man I use to be. People meet us at different stages in life, and that’s the story I want to tell.” Get to know the man behind the music as we cash in on Cash Campain.

There’s more to R&B than love songs, and on his latest project “Valley Hi”, Cash works on fusing his experiences as a man, and speaks on the struggles him and his brother Caleborate experienced growing up, his own trials and tribulations of becoming the man he is today, and how he experiences the world through his art.

shot by Ty LerrAni

Everything Cash Campain does creatively has to have a purpose beyond just making music. “When I perform at a show, or when I’m in the studio, it’s more than just pursuing my dreams. It’s about creating opportunities for me and my family. The preparation I take isn’t just me, it’s everything and everyone that’s affected by my dreams.” He was able to tap into his passion and desire to pursue it at the end of college. “I always sang, but I never sang for a purpose.” After graduating from college, he made a commitment to himself to drop an album by the following summer and pursue music for real. It’s a testament to his drive and his character that as he works a 9 to 5 as pursues his PhD – to ensure that his wife and son are provided for – he also makes sure to support his brothers musical ambitions, while still managing to create music and pursue his own dreams.

shot by Ty LerrAni

At the end of the day, Cash Campain, isn’t just trying to create music that the audience will enjoy and listen too, but music that will resonate in people’s lives. Through his music, you not only experience the authenticity of an artist, but, the authenticity of a man.


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