The process of making chapati, or “chapo” as natives of Kenya call it, is not as simple as the recipe, however it is nonetheless easy to follow. In celebration of our food editor Michelle’s visit back home, check out her family's recipe that they have used for generations.

The process of making chapati is not as simple as the recipe, however it is nonetheless easy to follow. Take me back to those warm holiday mornings, when I would wake up to the sweet smoky smell of burning charcoal coming from the tiny clay oven located in my kitchen. I remember jumping out of bed and running straight towards it to see what my mother had in store for us.

Chapati, or “chapo,” as most natives call it, was, and is still one of my favorite Kenyan food staple to this day. It was one of the many assorted foods my mother would prepare on those pleasant family gatherings and special occasions. Below is my family’s recipe that we have used for generations.

Servings: 9- 10 Chapatis | Prep Time: 30 mins | Total Time: 1 1/2 hrs


4 cups organic all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon of salt
4 table-spoons of vegeta oil
2 cups lukewarm water


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, starting with the dry ingredients, then pour lukewarm water and oil over it,
  2. Gently knead all the ingredients together in the bowl for about 5 minutes until it turns to dough. Add more flour if needed. IMG_1722
  3. Break the dough apart and form them into little cone-shaped pieces then set them aside on a separate tray.IMG_1717
  4. Roll out the pieces, place them on a preheated oiled skillet, then cook both sides until  browned. (Dime size bubbles will form on the surface of the chapati, which often a key indicator that they are ready).
  5. Wrap them tightly on a separate plate (in order to keep them moist) and serve it with a side of meat stew, or various types of beans.

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