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Oakland emcee Just Rese has just release “Groov” which is the lead single of up his upcoming Wax Roof produced EP HIPS. In the upbeat song, Rese has decided to let go and let the moment guide his decisions.

“Groov is the first track on HIPS and the first record Wax Roof and myself made that we knew would go on the project. It kind of fueled the direction of the rest of the project. It came at a time when I was considering a name-change and rethinking the way I write songs. The refrain “don’t think about it too much” is not only the thesis of the record but has come to represent the philosophy of my approach to making HIPS. TyreseJohnsonMusic overthought the process, Just Rese is just having fun over here.” – Just Rese

Give “Groov” a listen, let us know what you think, and tap in to all things Just Rese.

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